Water Bears: The key to Extraterrestrial Life

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

                                                                                                                                                                         -Douglas Adams

Hi readers, I’m presenting you a new post on Extraterrestrial life. You are familiar with Tardigrades, aren’t you? Maybe I should call it Water Bear. So are you familiar with Water Bears? Well, if you aren’t, Tardigrades or Water Bears were discovered in 1777 by Johann August Ephraim Goeze, a German Zoologist. Having a measurable body length of 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm in adults, and lower than 0.05 mm in the newly hatched infant, water bears are known for their survival capability as they can even survive in space! So now all of you know what a water bear is, so here’s a question for all of you. Do you think that Water Bears are Aliens? Tell us in the comments!

You might be thinking about their strength. You know what? They’re stronger than us! So, here are some experiments, conducted on Water Bears:

  • In the year 2007, The European Space Agency conducted this experiment by sending Water Bears to Space, and the results were unbelievable. The ESA, along with NASA, sent a plenty of Water Bears into the low-earth orbit in their Foton M3 space mission. The Water Bears survived, as a result.
  • The ESA conducted this experiment, in which, some Water Bears were exposed to different temperatures and as a result, the ESA came to know that Water Bears can survive under temperatures, ranging from -272 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Water Bears can live without water for like 10 years, and they are resistant to radiation, and that’s what makes them stronger than us!
So these were some experiments that were conducted on Water Bears by the European Space Agency. The existence of animals like Tardigrades means that there’s something out there, stronger than us, which has a life, and we’re not alone in this universe. Thank you for reading, drop your reviews, suggestions and questions in the comments, share this post with your friends and acquaintances and stay tuned for my next post.
Happy Stargazing!

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