Alien Invasion: Is it happening?

“There may be aliens in our Milky Way galaxy, and there are billions of other galaxies. The probability is almost certain that there is life somewhere in space.”

                                                   -Dr. Buzz Aldrin

Sup folks, I’m back with another post and this time and I’m bringing up a very interesting topic. So please, drop your reviews in the comments (Negative ones are appreciated, too!). You might have read my previous posts on extraterrestrial life and if you haven’t, please read them. As I’ve already said that there are infinite possibilities in this Univers, and if there are infinite universes, then there are infinite times infinite possibilities that aliens may exist. Now no one can change the fact that aliens do exist!

We know about all the pieces evidence of aliens or UFO sightings, and things like that. You might have also seen Aliens invading our mother Earth and the protagonist saving the wonders, but does something like that makes sense? Or, does it not? Nobody knows until one happens 😜. 

Critics always have this one question: Why do aliens always land in the United States? Here’s a question, which answers their question: Which country does the production company belong to? I can’t just say that aliens exist without any evidence, so here are some pictures that can bring some attention to their existence. I’m not sure, too. The following images may have been doctored, I don’t hold any guarantee of their authenticity.

Thank you for reading, drop your reviews/suggestions/questions in the comments and stay tuned!
Happy Stargazing!

One thought on “Alien Invasion: Is it happening?

  1. If there are aliens among us, their numbers would likely be incredibly small, or their disguise perfect even down to our body chemistry- or risk being discovered in chance accidents where they are taken to emergency medical facilities.
    Really, there’s two possible kinds of aliens when you think about it:
    1) Physical creatures who developed beneath another Sun; i.e., the typical conception of the word ‘alien.’
    2) Beings of a larger reality far outside our scope of perception and comprehension. These beings might insert their probes into our reality as we might prod our tools into a Petri dish. This ‘rude entry’ would take on symbolism from our own minds.
    Just my take on it. Late physicist and metaphysical author Michael Talbot described an experience like this in his only interview (YouTube). Interesting stuff.
    I know how hard it is to get people to a personal blog. Exposure is difficult. Have you tried creating a page on Facebook?

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