A Universe where Time runs Backward

If you have a universe that was just the mirror image of the one we know about, then in fact, presumably it would have right-handed amino acids. That’s why I’m only half kidding when I say there is a guy on the other side of the universe with his heart on the right hand side

                                                                                                                                                          -Ronald Breslow

Imagine yourself living in a world where you are born in your old age, and “grow up” to be a young human being, and then get prepared for college. Not only that, your parents are ‘younger’ than you. That world is the mirror world, or maybe ours is the mirror world. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s what the physicists say. Now, let’s come to the real question, wiz., How can they say this?

Image Source: http://upriser.com/posts/scientists-may-have-just-discovered-a-parallel-universe-leaking-into-ours

If you remember my anti-matter post, you must know what it is. If not, read it here! So, coming back to the question, According to Mr. Paul Dirac, anti-matter exists and he gave the theory in 1928. Since then, many physicist have given a series consisting of a plenty of anti-particles. If you need proof, you can always check out ‘The grand Hadron Collider’. You can even see anti-particles for a fraction of seconds, perhaps, other particles, too!

Professor Sean Carroll and Jennifer Chen created a model of the Big Bang in 2004, which shoots up two waves in opposite direction, displaying the two universes. One of which is ours, containing matter, while the other one consisted of anti-matter. Time is represented in the vertical Y-Axes, stating positive in our universe, while negative in their’s, meaning reverse. The base of their model is ‘gravity’.

Image Source: https://www.deviantart.com/tag/paralleluniverse

Except those who believe in Flat Earth, every curious person had this question “Why does Universe expands only in a single direction?”, and this theory answered this question, along with many of their other questions like how could time be like that. But, it’s still a theory unless we get a practical explanation. Here comes another question: “How do we practically prove it?” We all know that we can’t, ‘yet’.

Three scientists, named Julian Barbour, Tim Koslovski and Flavio Mercati collaborated on a self-contained 1000-particle system based on a gravity-based system, kinda similar to Sean and Jennifer’s scientific model. As per Julian, time is a natural phenomenon, and not a pre-existing force. It just flows in two different directions. Now, considering our direction to be positive, there is a negative direction which we don’t know of, which could be dangerous for people like us, who have the life form of CarbonThey called the separating point of both the universes as ‘Janus Point’, Janus is the name of a Roman God with two faces.

Is it possible to travel to the ‘Mirrorverse’?

No, It’s not possible to travel there as Janus point, speaking theoretically, is more likely billions of light years away from us, which is impossible for us to go. Even if we somehow find out a way to do so, which is infinitesimally likely, we might just go on, end up creating another big bang as we’re made up of carbon, a piece of matter and the other universe is theoretically made up of anti-matter, so we’d end up colliding with anti-matter, resulting in the formation of a new Universe, a new time. We do not know what would happen to ours, though.


Scientists discovered and wrote a theory about a mirror universe, where time runs backwards and probably the people like us age backwards, from old to infant. The mirror universe constitutes  of anti-matter and was the result of big bang, according to Sean Carroll and Jennifer Chen. They developed a model, which was based on gravity and had two faces, pi rad to each other, showing our Universe and the ‘mirrorverse’. It is not possible to travel there, because of the distance and even if we reach there somehow, we might just create another big-bang, resulting in another Universe.

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