STADIA : Play games without any storage and processor

To play video games without any storage and processor sounds amazing! Stadia, the plural of stadium is a platform to play. Stadia is a new gaming console introduced by Google.  You just need a screen as in your TV, Android phone, or PC with an internet connection to play video games. That is it! Your hardware specifications don’t matter. You can play very heavy games on simple android phone or your TV. It is too fascinating concept from Google.

What primarily happens is that your device just works as “a display screen (monitor) of your PC”. Then where does the processing occur? Because there can’t be any interaction with digital devices if they can’t process the information that we input into them. Yes, there is processing but processing occurs somewhere else, not in your device. It is somewhat like “the processor of your PC is inside your CPU, not in your monitor.” In Stadia, Google servers bear the burden of your RAM. Google was providing 15 GB backup space free of cost to each of its customers. Till now, it was handling our hard disk’s burden. Now, it is ready to handle our RAM’s burden too.

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To simplify, we may consider video gaming in Stadia analogous to watching YouTube videos. To watch YouTube videos you don’t need to store them on your device. You just need a display with internet connection. Similar is with Stadia. So, what would you prefer? – ‘The present video gaming’ or ‘the concept of stadia’. Without any doubt, everyone with an internet connection would prefer Stadia. Who wants to save YouTube videos on his device if s/he can access the videos online? Now the video game lovers don’t need to buy expensive video gaming devices like PlayStation or Xbox. They just need to connect their device to internet and start playing any video game. The implementation of this product can completely revolutionize the whole gaming arena.

Google has such a great user environment all around the world. So there is no doubt or skepticism regarding the popularity and use of Stadia by the public. Looking at previous innovations from Google none of us have an option to doubt on the concept of Stadia. The product has already been developed for its advertising purpose and now Google is preparing for its release among the public. It is reported that Stadia would be released in public within 2019. Now the question is about the cost of use. We can’t hope such technology provided to us free of cost. Then how expensive its use might be? In what manner will it be provided to its users- whether it will be like ‘buying individual movies from Amazon’ or as ‘periodic subscription of antivirus’?

Today more than 50% population in developed countries is engaged in video gaming. In this scenario, if the Stadia Technology is as efficient as mentioned by Google then Google, without any doubt, shall be the ruler of video gaming Arena in the coming days. Let’s hope for a very efficient and cost-effective Stadia to be released by Google.

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